What is your worst nightmare when you’re doing your make-up? Having foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone, overdone brows, or smokey eyes that end up making you look like a panda? While we’re sure these figure on your list, one of the biggest struggles of every girl is getting the perfect eyeliner, or the perfect winged liner.

Once in a while, wouldn’t it be nice to just have the ideal matched winged liner on both eyes? Well, it’s time to make that dream a reality. With the hacks listed below, you’ll be able to parade around flaunting the perfect eyeliner.

In eye pencil, we trust

In eye pencil, we trust

If you’re still not confident with liquid liner or felt-tip liner for that matter, make a cheat stroke on your eyelid with the help of your eye pencil and trace the liquid liner over it.

Play connect the dots
Instead of going for a direct swipe across your eyelids, make tiny dots on your eyelids at regular intervals which will act as your guideline for the perfect stroke. Yes, it might sound childish, but the results will leave you surprised. Give it a try. This will work with both, felt-tip and liquid liner.

Tape it up

Tape it up

For a fool-proof winged eyeliner, place some tape at the angle at which you want your liner eye look and draw over it. Once it’s dry, peel the tape off for a clean finish.

Wing is king
If you’re going for a winged eyeliner look, don’t start from the inner corner of your eyes like you’d normally do. Instead, trace out the winged part first. This will also help you define the thickness of your liner as per your preference.

Use you cards well
Who knew that a business card has more uses than one? Place the card on the outer part of your eye at a desired angle to achieve the perfect wing. Use it as a guide, to trace the required length of the wing.


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